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Web Applications


The company has developed a large number of web applications in various verticals serving various business functions. The company has developed individual applications for the following functions.

The application provides a web based accounting package with various features which score over desktop based applications.

The key features are:

  • Unlimited number of companies
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Unlimited number of vouchers
  • Unlimited number of reports including balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, cash flow analysis, budgeting, journal ledger
  • Unlimited number of currencies
  • Accounting by division which can be an expense center, revenue center, or a physical office
  • Unlimited number of upload of documents supporting vouchers

Business accounting

The company soon intends to provide a mobile application to serve as front end for the web application. The mobile application will permit users to take a picture of bills and pass an expense entry as soon as a bill is received. This will allow greater record keeping of evidence, particularly in the case of cash expenses. As the country moves toward a cashless economy, the mobile application will allow a greater control over cash outflow.

Human Resources and payroll

The application provides various functions to efficiently manage various aspects of human resources and payroll. The primary features are:

  • Integration with attendance machines for automatic capturing of data
  • Ability to record attendance manually for offsite and onsite work. Also ability to record hours as against days of work.
  • Automatic calculation of monthly salaries including various heads such as basic, conveyance, House rent allowance, dearness allowance, and perks.
  • Automatic calculation of individual provident fund including company contribution and personal deduction. Automatic preparation of provident fund returns.
  • Automatic calculation of individual Employee State Insurance including company contribution and personal deduction. Automatic preparation of provident fund returns
  • Automatic calculation of state-wise, qualification-wise minimum wages and flagging of violations.
  • Automatic calculation of leaves and managing the same
  • Calculation of performance and based on the same finding right appraisal for the employees

Web content crawler

This application visits various websites and downloads content of various types including text, images, and videos. The application can parse HTML pages of varying degree of complexity. The key features are:

  • Ability to visit and crawl password protected websites
  • Ability to detect and follow links created dynamically such as by Javascript
  • Ability to find images and videos which are protected by a session and locked on a device
  • Ability to configure rules to filter URLs to follow
  • Ability to extract information contained in a page, for example ability to extract from an ecommerce page
    1. Vendor name
    2. Product name
    3. Product price
    4. MOQ
    5. Product features
    6. Delivery features

Content Classifier

The application takes any text as input and provides information that may help in classification. The key information classified by the application include:

  • Subject codes given by IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Council)
  • Geographical codes including names of countries, provinces and states, major cities
  • HS Codes used in classification of products in import and export
  • Company classification for companies listed in various stock exchanges in India (NSE,BSE), United States (Nasdaq, NYSE), United Kingdom (LSE), France (FTSE), etc
  • Organisational classification including major international organisations such as United Nations, World Bank and NGOs

The application also provides META information such as tonality of content and about the appropriateness of the content for the general audiences. This can be used for insuring that your publication does not have any content which is illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for your target segment.