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Content Classifier

The application takes any text as input and provides information that may help in classification.

The key information classified by the application include:

  1. Subject codes given by IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Council)
  2. Geographical codes including names of countries, provinces and states, major cities
  3. HS Codes used in classification of products in import and export
  4. Company classification for companies listed in various stock exchanges in India (NSE, BSE), United States (Nasdaq, NYSE), United Kingdom (LSE), France (FTSE), etc
  5. Organisational classification including major international organisations such as United Nations, World Bank and NGOs

The application also provides META information such as tonality of content and about the appropriateness of the content for the general audiences. This can be used for insuring that your publication does not have any content which is illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for your target segment.