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Business accounting

The application provides a web based accounting package with various features which score over desktop based applications.

The key features are

  1. Unlimited number of companies
  2. Unlimited number of accounts
  3. Unlimited number of vouchers
  4. Unlimited number of reports including balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, cash flow analysis, budgeting, journal ledger
  5. Unlimited number of currencies
  6. Accounting by division which can be an expense center, revenue center, or a physical office
  7. Unlimited number of upload of documents supporting vouchers

The company soon intends to provide a mobile application to serve as front end for the web application. The mobile application will permit users to take a picture of bills and pass an expense entry as soon as a bill is received. This will allow greater record keeping of evidence, particularly in the case of cash expenses. As the country moves toward a cashless economy, the mobile application will allow a greater control over cash outflow.